• Crystal Miller

    What if you are in a controlling relationship, and you and your children’s needs are not being met. If I leave to provide better for my children is it wrong. I have also given my teens a choice I prefer them with me,because I know what they need and I will provide what he has not. He has not allowed me to work, I will work when I leave and provide for them. I am taking into consideration their feelings & concerns.

    • James Hart, Esq.

      I’m very sorry about your situation. Deciding to leave is never an easy choice.

  • Darron Moore

    i was married with two children. I got divorced and became the non custodial parent, but I had to pay child support, which came out of my paycheck directly. I use to get my kids on a regular basis. One day i went to take my daughter a birthday present and i noticed no one was home. Turned out the mother just disappeared. i later moved to CA from NY and tried to track her down. When I did, the phone number I got was disconnected, no one called me back. This was in 2006. Since then I have not been able to track them again. This has been 7 years now. Is there anything i can do to reunite with them. This is not a situation of domestic violence or any other illegal matter. I have no idea why she just left, because we had good communication and everything was going well

    • James Hart, Esq.

      That’s a tough situation. You should probably contact a lawyer for further advice.

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