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   16.  My ex-Husband and I have a custody and child support agreement in place, but he has decided to unilaterally decrease his child support payments, and at the same time has served me with a complaint to modify child support. What are my options?
   17.  My spouse has committed adultery 4 times and i have it on a permission given tape recording. She acknowledges she put my children at risk, and chose him over everyone. She has lied to me for 10 months giving multiple stories, increasing my distress. Please help. I want a divorce bad enough I will move.
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   24.  No-Cost North Carolina Divorce Guide: How to Prepare Yourself for Divorce & Find and Hire the Right Lawyer for Your Case
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   26.  NC Child Support Laws
   27.  I’m wanting to start a divorce situation but my spouse had left the country . When she went away from the home she never said anything about going back to her country , we lived together for 3 weeks ,I came home one day and she was gone. I don’t have an address for her, but she has aggree to get divorce but does not answer my emails . On one respond she had agree on sending me the address when I was ready for it ( divorce ) . How can this be done ? Are there ways to get around it ? Thanks.
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   31.  Uncontested Divorce in North Carolina
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   33.  I am the supporting spouse and my wife had an affair and admitted to martital misconduct. Someone told me that if I have sexual relations with her after learning of the affair that it is automatic forgiving of the behavior and she would be eligible again for Alimony. Is this true, and if so, still true even thought I never forgave or condoned the behavior and still demand that she end it.
   34.  Equitable Distribution in NC
   35.  NC Equitable Distribution Statute § 50‑20
   36.  Overview of North Carolina Divorce
   37.  My husband is a retired vet. We have been apart for several years. We have a home that he has never lived in and has always called my home. I had the home built while he was overseas a have paid for the upkeep of the home. My husband agreed to pay his portion of retirement (military states a certain portion goes to spouse if divorce) because children have lived with me. Would my retaining ownership of the home be difficult? I hear that you have to sell whatever you jointly own.
   38.  I have a 4 year old son with my husband. I want to divorce because he is verbally abusive. He harrasses me at work by calling over and over; has me paged overhead if I don’t answer. I want to leave but he will not let me leave with the child. If I leave without the child will I risk losing custody of the child. He is a police officer so he verbally threatens and says he will get custody of child. My sanity is at risk and need to get out. What do I do?
   39.  In North Carolina, can alimony end when the dependent spouse remarries?
   40.  After filing a separation agreement, assuming that you’ve met the 12-month rule of living separately, how long does it typically take to get a uncontested divorce. Is it immediate after filing the paperwork?
   41.  Collaborative Divorce Video
   42.  I was told that because of my financial situation, and my husband’s temper that I should consider going through a paralegal who works closely with lawyers if I were to need one. Can I use a paralegal if there is a child involved?
   43.  Shareasale Confirmation
   44.  In North Carolina is a spouse entitled to half her husband’s pension? If so, when does she get it and is it considered income when considering Alimony and Child Support?
   45.  My husband left me for another woman and now i want custody of our two young children. How and where do i start? He isnt helping me pay for the kids and took all of the money when he left.
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   48.  Divorce Mediation
   49.  Collaborative Divorce
   50.  Collaborative Divorce with Kids
   51.  Divorce Process Orientation
   52.  If I married and never consummated the marriage, can I get an annulment?
   53.  In everything that I read it talks about the spouse actually touching the other person… If deviate sexual acts also included non-physical things like talking about sex or sending pictures…
   54.   My wife and I are going to pursue separation and I have a reason to belived that she is having an affair, she had admitted that she have physical attraction towards her boss. How can I get joint custody of my five children.
   55.  I’ve been sperated for 4 yrs, and I want a divorce. How long will it take to get the divorce?
   56.  Can a mother relocate to another state (NY) before separation and divorce proceedings begin? I want to start these proceedings but do not have any family support here. My husband and I are both originally from NY.
   57.  I just found out my wife had an affair. Now she’s also online dating. Can I file divorce and ask her to leave?
   58.  My wife and I are legally separated and have signed a settlement agreement. Subsequently, during an attempt at reconciliation, my name was added to the deed of our home which we own outright. My wife intends to remain in the home as a primary residence. May I seek a financial claim of half the equity?
   59.  Thank You!
   60.  If I’ve been married for only two months and I have proof of my husband’s infidelity, can I get a divorce now?
   61.  I am seeking separation from my husband of 26 years. I have no money of my own and have depended on him entirely for support. I can’t work because I have fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue, and I can’t get on disability. How do I support myself during the separation and do I have to leave or does he have to leave.
   62.  Can I get a QDRO to divide up my husband’s pension (NY state and army) without getting a divorce? I do not want to lose my medical plan.
   63.  My husband and I have been separated for over a yr (NC law) and he still lives in IN and I now live here. I however have only lived here since July he had asked for divorce last yr and has yet to file can I file now or do I have to wait until I’ve lived in NC for 6 months? Thank you any information would be a great help.
   64.  I believe that my husband is having an affair online, what are my rights for me and my son?
   65.  I was married to a same sex partner in CT about 2.5 years ago. What are options for divorce now that I reside in NC (I resided in Michigan prior to NC so I don’t think either was the most accomodating)
   66.  My wife abandoned me in July of last year. We’ve been through the mediation process, and now after a year has passed is filing for absolute divorce. Is this something that I do not have to sign off on due to religious reasons?
   67.  Thank you!
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   70.  Thank you for providing feedback to The Hart Law Firm!
   71.  What now?
   72.  Directions and Location
   73.  Legal Issues
   74.  Absolute Divorce – An Overview
   75.  Divorce Mediation
   76.  §50-16.3A(b). Alimony Factors
   77.  § 50‑16.1A.(2) Definitions – Dependent Spouse
   78.  § 50‑16.1A.(5) Definitions – Supporting Spouse.
   79.  § 50‑16.1A.(3) Definitions – Marital Misconduct.
   80.  Alimony in North Carolina
   81.  Infusionsoft Webforms for follow-up sequences
   82.  Do you need a divorce lawyer for your family law case?
   83.  Legal Disclaimers and Terms
   84.  Divorce in NC – An overview of the basic process
   85.  N.C.G.S. § 50-6. Divorce after separation of one year on application of either party.
   86.  N.C.G.S. § 52-10.2. Resumption of marital relations defined.
   87.  Divorce in North Carolina – A primer
   88.  My spouse refuses to move out – what do I do?
   89.  Alimony and Taxes in North Carolina Divorce
   90.  Dr. Tina Lepage, Lepage Associates
   91.  Divorce Professionals
   92.  Dr. Monica E. Summers, Psy.D.
   93.  6 Reasons you might need a Separation Agreement
   94.  North Carolina Divorce Terms
   95.  Marital Property in North Carolina
   96.  Separate Property in North Carolina
   97.  Divisible Property in North Carolina
   98.  Equitable Distribution in North Carolina
   99.  Cary Divorce Lawyer
   100.  How much is my divorce going to cost – Legal Fees explained
   101.  Cary, North Carolina Divorce Resources and Tools
   102.  Questions to ask your divorce lawyer
   103.  Low cost legal services if you can’t afford a divorce lawyer
   104.  What is abandonment? If I leave the house will it hurt me?
   105.  Business Valuation and Divorce: Things to look out for
   106.  Marriage Annulment in North Carolina
   107.  North Carolina Divorce Guide Explains the Secrets to getting Divorced in North Carolina
   108.  Chapter 52B. Uniform Premarital Agreement Act.
   109.  Prenuptial Agreements in North Carolina – Can I get out of mine?
   110.  How do you get alimony in North Carolina?
   111.  Child Custody Modification in North Carolina
   112.  Can North Carolina decide your child custody case? A primer on Jurisdiction under the UCCJEA.
   113.  Everything you need to know about Prenuptial Agreements in North Carolina
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   35.  Child Custody in Cary
   36.  Collaborative Divorce – Is it right for you?
   37.  Collaborative Divorce is catching on…
   38.  Collaborative Divorce is great for the kids
   39.  Common QDRO Questions and Answers
   40.  Consumer Bankruptcy Guide
   41.  Divorce and Child Custody in Cary
   42.  Divorce and kids around the holidays… Ugh…
   43.  Divorce and Parenting in Raleigh
   44.  Divorce and the family business in North Carolina
   45.  Divorce can be a time to reinvent yourself
   46.  Divorce during the Holidays – What to do?
   47.  Divorce in North Carolina – When you can and when you can’t…
   48.  Divorce Insurance… Really?
   49.  Divorce Mediation in Cary
   50.  Do I need a Consent Judgment?
   51.  Do I need to have a custody evaluation?
   52.  Do it Yourself Divorce – Is it for you?
   53.  Do you know what your divorce lawyer is charging you?
   54.  Do you need a custody evaluation?
   55.  Do you Skype?
   56.  Does Alimony hurt your ability to qualify for a mortgage?
   57.  Does your divorce lawyer offer you a client portal?
   58.  Easy tools to make post divorce transfers easier for the kids
   59.  Family Law Meetings – Day 1 in Charleston
   60.  Family Law Meetings in Charleston
   61.  Family Law Meetings in Charleston – Day 2
   62.  Flat fees vs. Hourly Billing in Divorce (and the pros and cons of each)
   63.  Florida Ban on Gay Adoption is Unconstitutional
   64.  Friday Funny – Clumsy Best Man Ruins Wedding
   65.  George Zimmerman Divorce – What if it happened in NC?
   66.  Getting a divorce in North Carolina: Some Pitfalls
   67.  Getting remarried with kids? Maybe you should think again.
   68.  Golf Tournament to Save Shelter Dogs for CARA
   69.  Healthcare Exchanges are open – How will this affect your divorce?
   70.  Help – My religion prohibits divorce, what can I do?
   71.  How a Collaborative Divorce could save your business
   72.  How do I decide whether to accept a case?
   73.  How do you decide which lawyer is best for you?
   74.  How do you decide who moves?
   75.  How does Collaborative Divorce work?
   76.  How does divorce mediation work in North Carolina?
   77.  How Health Care Reform will Impact your Divorce
   78.  How to deal with your pro se spouse who WON’T hire a divorce lawyer
   79.  How to divide a pension in a divorce?
   80.  How to divide retirement assets in a divorce
   81.  How to pay for two households after you separate
   82.  How to prepare for divorce tip #10: Avoid additional Debt of Major Purchases
   83.  How to prepare for divorce tip #11: Who moves?
   84.  How to prepare for divorce tip #12: Keep a Diary
   85.  How to Prepare for divorce tip #1: Find the right lawyer (Hint – consider a collaborative divorce lawyer)
   86.  How to Prepare for Divorce Tip #2: Have you considered Collaborative Divorce?
   87.  How to Prepare for divorce tip #3: Account for the Family Finances
   88.  How to prepare for divorce tip #4: Photocopy all the financial records
   89.  How to prepare for divorce tip #5: Prepare a Budget
   90.  How to prepare for divorce tip #6: Document and Safeguard your Property
   91.  How to prepare for divorce tip #7: Establish Your Own Credit
   92.  How to prepare for divorce tip #8: Assess Your Financial Situation
   93.  How to prepare for divorce tip #9: Credit Cards and Lines of Credit
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   95.  How will the Housing Market affect divorce rates?
   96.  I received an inheritance and put it into a joint account with my spouse, can I keep it?
   97.  I want a divorce – how to break the news to your spouse
   98.  I’m all in with Collaborative Divorce
   99.  In complex equitable distribution cases, who wins?
   100.  Is a Divorce from Bed and Board a Divorce?

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