NCDP 01 : Introduction to the podcast and legal requirements for divorce in North Carolina

Welcome to the inaugural episode of the North Carolina Divorce Podcast!  This is the “show notes” page, where I will summarize everything that I talked about in the podcast.  Today’s podcast was short and sweet, containing a brief introduction of my law firm and why I started the podcast, who I’m hoping to help with the podcast, and then I move into the legal tip for this podcast.  Today’s tip discusses the legal requirements to […]

Do you know what your divorce lawyer is charging you?

Legal fees can be tricky, even for us lawyers.  If you go to see a lawyer, they may quote you a “fee”, but what types of legal fees is it that they are asking for?  You need to make sure you understand the fees you are paying a lawyer – what they are and what they aren’t.  Here is a quick rundown of the fees that divorce lawyers in North Carolina will typically charge.  If […]

Flat fees vs. Hourly Billing in Divorce (and the pros and cons of each)

I know there are several divorce law firms in my market do only hourly billing for their clients. I know that there are many more that do only hourly billing. And then there are a few, (mine included), which take a hybrid approach and do a little bit of each. Flat fees vs hourly billing is a debate that is not going away anytime soon.  Here is an article from an attorney who employs a billing […]

What does “Complex Divorce… Made Easy” really mean?

I’ve recently changed the tagline on my website to “Complex Divorce… Made Easy”. You may be wondering what that means. Here’s the quick and dirty explaination. Not all divorces are complex. Some cases are actually relatively simple. If you are in a situation where you don’t own property, you have a relatively short marriage, there are no spousal support issues, and you don’t have kids, then I would consider that to be a relatively simple […]

Does your divorce lawyer offer you a client portal?

The Hart Law is all about technology – now in the form of client portals.  If you are a client of our family law firm, you are in for some pretty groovy changes in the coming months.  The first of these changes is our new client portal, which can be found on the right hand side of the menu bar on our homepage.  We are using a service called  I had looked at several […]

Why am I a Family Law attorney? It’s all about relationships.

Recently someone asked me why I do what I do, which really got me thinking about my practice as a divorce and family law attorney. Over the years, I have attracted a certain type of client, over and over. And I believe that the reason why I attract this type of client is my personality and the “why” behind the type of practice I run. I believe in building relationships with my clients. I attract […]

The Hart Law Firm offers a Written Guarantee

For several years now, we have offered an implicit guarantee in our employment contracts with our clients. We have decided it’s time to step up our game. Effectively immediately, The Hart Law Firm is offering a written guarantee to all clients. We can’t guarantee results – no law firm can. However, we can guarantee how we communicate with our client’s and the service we provide. So if you are thinking about hiring another law firm, […]

Are you scared to call a law firm?

One of the things that we as lawyers often forget is that we can be intimidating.  One of the first things I tell clients who come to visit with me for the first time is that they have nothing to be afraid of.  I pride myself in not trying to pull one over on a prospective client – or an actual client. However, as I was perusing another attorney’s website this morning, I came across […]

Common QDRO Questions and Answers

QDRO’s are a source of lots of confusion for clients (as well as many attorneys).  Here are some answers to questions I get on a pretty regular basis: What is a QDRO? A QDRO is short for “Qualified Domestic Relations Order”.  It is a court order that is usually signed by both parties (making it a “consent” order) that is necessary whenever two parties are dividing up a Qualified Plan Account or Pension Plan in […]

5 Raleigh Divorce Lawyers join Separating Together

I guess these things aren’t quite official until there is a press release about it.  Just announced – myself and four other Raleigh Divorce Lawyers have joined Separating Together, a Collaborative Family Law Practice Group in Raleigh, North Carolina. All of us have pledged to restrict our law practices to resolving family law matters without involving the courts.  According to the press release, “The attorneys guide both high and low conflict clients towards mutually beneficial […]

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